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The Wise Dragon Award

    Introducing my wonderful, fantastic, new, fat free


So, how do I win this amazing, fantastic, all new, fat free award??? Well, mail me with your site's URL!!!


Yes, there are some actual REQUIREMENTS that are required to be met before you recieve this neat or iffic, fantaznic, special award. The first and foremost is that your page is mythology/fantasy/or pagan related. Also, your page must be unique and interesting. I'll tell you, I am very very tired of dragon sites that are just about AD&D. If your site is dragon mythology related, and I like it a lot, you run the chance of recieving the special edition Wise Dragon GOLD award. oooooh.

-no 'adult' pages, please. I don't like tasteless nudity.
- the page shouldn't take me twenty years to download.
- the page must actually have some meat to it, not just "my fantaznic list o' links!" puh-leeze!
-signing the guestbook helps your odds immensely.

SO, who's won?

visit Zalyina's Den Draco has also won, but I forget his site's URL right now. Bear with me.

So, again, those instructions are:
1) Mail Me with your URL, site description and why you think your site deserves the award (you can nominate someone elses' page, too)
2) Sign the guestbook
3) Sacrafice a white chicken at high noon...um, I mean, oops, wrong thing...

Ok, just follow those three easy steps, and you can display this unique, fantaznic award on your fantaznic vebsite!!!

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