You tired of my Place? Here's some links:

Here Be Dragons!
Good site: original graphics, tonnes of links!
Draco's Page
Do ya like the movie Dragonheart? Personally, I thought the dragon was cool, but Dennis Quaid sucked. ANYWHO, if ya DO like Dragonheart and some Dragonart, as well as some other kewl Dragonstuff, go on over ta Draco's page. Ya'll thank me lata.
World of Dragons
A good, simple page.
Windseeker's Homepage
*Love* the title bar. Nice images, and links. Also descriptions of other mythical beasts.
Historical Dragon Page
Good legends!! A few are in german, so those of you who can translate, I'd be very happy if you could for me!!!
Uh...I forget the title...
Hmmm...frames, and the gallery takes a while to load. Not much new information, but it is worth a look.
Here Be Dragons! (diff)
Great images!!
Polenth's Weyr
An eggcellent site!
Little Shop of Horrors
The best musical ever made, in my humble opinion. Okay, so I'm biased! Sue me! But anyway . . . visit this site and jam to the midis.
The Dark Side of Gary Oldman
The most talented actor ever, only he ends up in some of the LOUSIEST movies. . .
The Say Anything Page
Speaking of movies, Say Anything is one of the best ever. So good it sent me on a week depression spree. . . and the thing had a happy ending! ANYWHO, rent it, and watch for the sweetest scene ever. I don't want to spoil it for you, so I'll shut up, but if you follow the link, well, I guess you'll be majorly spoiled, so see the movie, come back to my site, and click on the link, then come back to my site and e-mail me thanking me that i made you watch such a good movie. Got it? Good, I'm confused, too.
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