My Adopted Dragon(s)!!

Ah, this is Coxwainsin, the real leader of the pack. She's in charge of the Roost here, and because the place is starting to get a little crowded (and a might bit boring to the inhabitants) she's considering where the little guys can be put to work! Don't fear, they'll have fair hours and good pay. Anyhoo, here's the Dragons'Orb! Family:

And introducing a pair from Chewie's page!!!
Stan Bolovan the Griffon That's Stan Bolovan, the griffin. His name comes from and old dragons story.
Firefly! This is Firefly. Does she remind you of anything? Yes, she should have blue lightning on her butt, however, she does remind me of that My Little Ponie.

Adoption Certificate

Click here
to go to the adoption center This is Fortenfen, a little black guy from Amber's Adoption Center. Click on the little egg to go there and adopt your own.
Stan's got his talons full with taking care of this riotous bunch of gryphonic pals from This Adoption Center.

Emraldshyne This is Emraldshyne, and she loves camping and hiking. And she loves pretty green stones like emeralds and jade.
Shadowdance Shadowdance loves to listen to Firefly's stories. Her favorite stone is sodalite and sapphires.
PyroflyerPyroflyer is a real hot shot. He likes to engage coxswainsin in aerial ruff and tumble play untill Coxie gives this little guy a smart whack with her tail to put him in his place. Pyroflyer adores Tiger's Eye.

Heatherstar This is Heatherstar, a little wyvern from the same place as the gryphon trio. She likes talking with Coxie, and yearns for more dragon friends.
Leau Leau is a peaceful water loving Aisian dragon. He doesn't talk much. When I find the agency, i'll post the URL.
Cristellanth Behold a beautiful fire lizard queen. Isn't Cristellanth a beautie? And quite bossy! Coxie sometimes gets a talkin' from her! You can find her at At this hatchery...

Click to visit "The Egg Agency"
Ooh, this egg looks ready to hatch soon . . . I wonder what'll be!!
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