More Familliar?

Now, here you may find dragons you are more familliar with. I consider all dragons that are described today in books (well, new ones) as modern. Now, why? You ask. A lot of the stories take place in the past, way back when dragons ran rampant in Europe, right? Yes, they do. But, here's the catch, these stories have put today's views and opinions in them. No matter how many years of Medieval history you take, if you can speak old english fluently, and write in blackletter for all I care, you will still end up putting some reflection of here and now into it. That is inescapeable, even if you took a time machine from the past into the present, your expiriences in the modern world would be reflected in your writing.

The MOST basic delineation between modern/archaic dragons is the the fact that ancient dragons were more commonly associated with water not fire. Yes, even in medieval times, they more often than not lived in a river or in the ocean. It's true. There were the precious few who were pyroprojectile villians, and they being the most dastardly and terrifying, stayed with us in our literary heritage.
Another thing: dragons have been sort of placed in a mold: four legs, two wings. There is nothing WRONG with that, there is much, much diversity in dragons these days, in appearance, and personality. Modern dragons are much more a defined creature these days. And, not all modern dragons have the six limbed configuration. That's fine. Hmmm...lemme give you a taste of what I mean:
a 'modern' dragon;
an 'archaic' western type. Now, it is obvious that most modern dragons have been based on the western type. They're my personal favorite. I happent to like their more sinsiter countenance. Then again, I love all dragons, but anyway, there sometimes a little eastern spice is thrown in for good measure.

Now, dragons today have many more roles in stories and such than ever before. Now, they are guardians, companions, fighters, good, evil, small, huge, powerful, silly, brave, and, well, how can I cast every spectra of emotion and personality in the universe and not make you click on the little scroll down button all day? Well, they have it all, and they deserve an acedemy award, too. Some of my personal modern dragon literature is E.Nesbit's The Complete Book of Dragons. I found it in a used bookstore, and it still has that musty old book smell. Best smell in the world. Anyway, I'm not sure you can find it anymore, but two of the nine short stories in this book can be found in a recently (and beautifully illustrated) book compiled by Micheal Hauge by the name of E. Nesbit's original compilation of dragon stories, The Book of Dragons . I have it myself, but, the printers were off, so like 3 of my illustrations are messed up. Oh, well, the stories are there, which is what counts. I encourage ye all to buy them! S'more good writers are Anne McCaffrey, Jane Yolen, and Gordon R. Dickenson, just to name a few. Take a look in the local bookstore, and just for a second stop, clear your mind, and stare. See the dragons! They're everywhere! Grab one, read it, and enjoy! Even better, write your own dragon tayle, and send it to me!
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