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Well, I beg of you to submit a quote, poem, or thought to me. I will tell you how desperate times are becoming. I asked my friends to write a random thought or poem in a comp book i had bought for that purpose. I figured that I would remember them better that way, rather than a year book. Well, most of them put a poem that they recieved in a chain e-mail message. This saddens me because I fear we are losing our faith in our creative abilites, and no longer exercise our abilities to create. I urge you for your own sake write something-anything- and send it to me. Don't do it for me: do it for yourself. I have some more poetery of my own, but it is quite macabre, so I will post some of the gifts that a friend of mine wrote in the comp book that were her OWN thoughts. Elle est intelligent!

"Flowers and Pollen"
by Stephanie Yezeski

Pollen makes me sneeze,
but flowers are so pretty. but flowers are so pretty.
do you think they make flowers without pollen?

by Stephanie Yezeski

My shoulder is itchy.
Have you ever had an itch?
it's a little tingle at first,
but then, it grows.
it grows and grows until
you can't stand it!
Then you just itch it.

by Stephanie Yezeski

Are you buying nachos?
Get whatever you want on them.
But don't put jalapenos.
No sour cream.
Oh, don't put guacamole.
Put extra cheese.
Don't forget the extra beans.
Pick out the beans.
What do you mean you don't like
nachos this way?

An actuall submission...from Goldfang

It's in my head '98 Monica Snook, (

I don't want to be here anymore
I know you won't believe me
But there is a world
It's in my head
Yeah, I know, you think I'm nuts.
I probably am...
But let me, just this once,
Describe my world,
Yeah, the one in my head.
Well, it's not just in my head anymore
Its on this page now.
My world, it's not beautiful,
Not even very pretty.
It's a lot like LA
But its(it's) much more violent.
You're laughing at me now --
Why would someone want to create a world,
One thats worse than LA?
I did, it just came out of my head.
I like it there, my friends are there...
yeah, they're pretty strange too,
But I'd rather be there,
On the world in my head and on this page.
I don't want to be here anymore.
I know you don't believe me,
But there is a world.


Personal note about poem from Griff: Good, but I actually like LA...perhaps we should switch places.

Here is some of my poetry...

"Tear For Hong Kong"

Look, child at the fireworks.
11:59- think your last free thought!
pray your last prayer
sing your last song
The Dragon King sleeps
in his undersea palace:
Our Last Hope.
Under the waves
the Emperor sleeps-
For he will come again.
Sleep, and dream your last dream.
They can never get you there.

"Why did I DO that?"

The things I did in your name,
will always haunt me:
Why I cried, to make me realize
that you're a jerk
and a liar.
I thought I LOVED you--
now I know:
YOU aren't good enough for ME
And I willfully forget
the time I spent crying for you.


I sing lonely songs
In slowly drifting fields.
While four bachelor stallions
churn the earth with
playful gallops;
and I hum to their rythm. Seven dogs splash in the water,
their cowling is my chorus.
A solitary kestrel peeps-
quietly, to my tune.
Coyotes rustle in the underbrush, and the swiftly rising stars
smile at me.


Why oh why?
Must I suffer so?
I followed a clear path
into a murky wood
and the mist clouds
my vision.
I find no comfort in
the white shroud;
only confusion.
Where will I go?
How did I get here?


The dagger cuts me;
it is truth.
Ties bind me;
they are Conditions;
Dizzyness swirls in my head;
it is my heart.
Nothing can free me:
I am trapped.

2000 Meters ( Ete Vous Prete?)

Must keep moving:
Make the boat glide :
Must keep pushing:
See the goal for which
we strive.
Keeping in time:
It all feels the same:
Don't let the coxswain call my name.
In balance we fly
down the lane,
Heavens, we must be insane.
For who would take up a sport
that causes such pain?
For we have nothing to gain-
Addicted to speed,
we strive for flight,
Call the time!
Faster, Faster, and-

On the Couch [author's note: a few days after writing this, I found out I had Mono. That about explains it...]

Where did all my spirit go?
Why am I so sad?
How is it I feel so low?
Why are all my grades so bad?
I need a reason to rejoice;
I need a special drug to drink-
I need a voice,
I think.
I need therapy, I need drugs
From this void me they must send!
Away from these evil thugs!
No; I need a friend.

Vulture's Poetry

All poetry below is copyrighted by my friend Vulture. Don't mess with her.

"Save Yourself"

I cannot live in this gray shack
we've fallen in and can't backtrack
four sides gray, sky, grayblue
we're trapped in here, both me and you
I have to grow, I am a seed
the soil and sun I dearly need
but you, my friend, shine so bright
out of this box, for nothing stops the light.

"The Sea"
by Vulture

The Sea
the swift current
there is a boat
sailing the choppy waters
the sailor
wonders where he is going
he cannot see the water
through the spray
he cannot see the stars
for his world is shrouded in mist
but he keeps sailing
although he does not know
where he is going
he is sure to reach it if he stops
the current will take him
on the very same path
as his ancestors

"Dolphin Dream"
by Vulture

Orange Sunset silohuetting
tall palms
on the rocky coast
the ball of fire
setting over the deep, dark sea
where the dolphin swims
alongside a rainbow of angelfish
relating to them in a language
unknown to humans
the school of fish parts
for the dolphin
as he leaps into the air
flinging drops of water
that shine like deamonds
another dolphin hears
and jumps over
the rocky obstacles
answering in his own way
together in unison
the dolphins leap and twist
while the angelfish
watch this harmonic performance.


"Potheum Totems?" -Erinn

"Flowers are full of love. Love can be dark, though, and flowers can be dead." -Vulture

"How perturbing!" -Stephanie

"I love citrus. Like, I want to be a giant lemon." -Courtenay

"You know, skateboards can be used as weapons." -Courtenay

"I don't have any quotes, Heather." -Elena

"In the great Internet Service provider of life, may your modem never be busy, and may your website never crash." -Arianna

"Make time to waste time." -Felix Jinx

"People aren't beautiful; nature is beautiful, nature's beauty reflects on us to make us beautiful." -Julia

"I have bubbles in my tummy!" -Julia

"Just go up and lick someone!" -Julia

"The world needs more orange markers." -Maggie

"I like water. Do you like water? Y'know, maybe we could go someplace where they serve water, and we could drink water together." -Courtenay's pick up line

"Lies are the yarn that weave our lives...or tangle it. You decide!" -Liz

"I made it a point to forget all my Spanish." -Felix Jinx

"Je te l'avais bien dit!" -Heather

"You're such a neeerd." -Ashleigh

Well, I have plenty more great quotes, it's just that they are inappropriate for children, and in order to win awards, my site has to be child-friendly. Isn't that a shame? Because they are some wonderful quotes. Well, one day we will live in a world where we do not believe in 'protecting' our children from silly things like curse words, and we can put our energies toward something worthwhile, like saving ourselves from completely destroying the fragile ecosystem on which our race depends. But that's just me. I want awards!!!!

May the legendary dragons of China's past protect those of Hong Kong from China's iron fist and lead them to greatness.

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